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The Resato open top containerized pressure test bay allows pressure testing equipment on site up to 38 ft object length

With the open top feature, the testbay can be placed inside the workshop and contains all the required safety features without rebuilding the workshop. By use of the extension modules, the testbay can be extended up to 58ft or 78ft. The dedicated designed high pressure test system allows both hydraulic function tests on tools, as hydrostatic body tests, all operated from outside the pressure test bay. Positioning the tool in the test bay is performed by means of the workshop overhead crane. Spilled test fluids are captured and collected by an integrated grid floor in the test bay. An optional filtration system in combination with reservoir allows recycling of the test medium. This complete pump circulation system is able to handle a wide range of fluids.

Key Safety Features

  • 10mm steel test bay wall with 18 mm plywood lining
  • Flashing lights
  • Door switches and door locks
  • No high pressure components outside the testbay
  • Emergency stop buttons both on control panel as test bay
  • Camera system

Key Testing Features

  • Dual hydrostatic test line: 11,500 psi
  • Hydraulic open/close controle line: 10,000 psi
  • Low pressure/high volume and high pressure/ low volume pump setup
  • De-air skid

Key Container Features

  • Object length up to 38ft
  • Container length 40ft
  • Optional extension modules 20 ft or 40 ft
  • CSC certified for top layer
  • Fully grid floor in test bay
  • Zinc coating + 2K coat
  • Multiple positions for operating panel