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The Hydro Expansion Unit has been developed for tube expanding during construction of heat exchangers, condensers, steam generators, cooling apparatus or other expanding type processes

Driven by a Resato high pressure / high volume Water Jet based intensifier guarantees highly proven reliability, simple maintenance and low running costs. Effortless expanding of large wall thickness tubes without occurrence of flaking. A touch screen operation panel and object parameter entry ensures a precisely tube expanding process.

Key Features

  • Fully computer controlled
  • Both touch screen as foot pedal operation
  • Automatic cycle performance
  • Integrated remote VPN support
  • Stainless steel high pressure components

Process Features

  • Stepless tube expanding
  • Less metallurgical deformation than rolling tube expanding
  • No distortion of the tube sheet, there is no extension of the tube
  • Smooth contour change between expanded part and not expanded part
  • No use of lubricant, no need for tube cleaning after expanding