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The Resato portable gas booster unit Type DBS is designed to generate high gas pressures up to 1200 bar

Resato gas booster units type DBS can be used for gas filling and pressure testing. Compressed air used as a power drive offers enormous advantages over use of other power drives: risk of excessive heat, flame, spark or shock are reduced considerably. All components, including required connecting materials and tubing are mounted in a solid stainless steel frame. The Resato gas booster unit type DBS is manufactured according to European regulations and will be delivered including:

  • Operating manual, Maintenance manual and spare parts manual
  • Test certificate
  • Calibration certificates for gauges 

Main Features

  • Suitable for a wide range of gases
  • Long working life of seals
  • Proven reliability under severe conditions
  • Excellent control of flow and output pressure
  • Low noise level
  • Easy, low costs maintenance

Standard Equipped With:

  • Single-acting, double-acting or two-stage gas booster
  • Bleed valve
  • Output pressure gauge, stainless steel 100 mm
  • Start stop valve
  • Air regulator


  • Pneumatic high pilot valve
  • Pneumatic low pilot valve
  • Gas supply valve
  • Gas supply gauge
  • Inter stage gauge
  • Air relieve valve in air supply
  • Common leak hole connection
  • Atex