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The Resato hand operated spindle pump is a screw type positive displacement pressure generator

It is for use in any application where a liquid is to be compressed within a small volume in order to develop pressure.

Main Features

  • Wetted parts are made from stainless steel
  • Standard delivered with mounting plate
  • Self adjusting high pressure Teflon packing
  • Dual spindle bearing and non rotating piston
  • Connection: M16x1,5 HP-Female
  • Non rotating shaft for long packing life
  • 4 large handles for easy operating
  • All enclosed design, no protruding spindle
  • Easily mounted to a work bench and maximum pressure may be obtained with a minimum amount of effort by the operator


Length: 470mm 
Bars Across: 575mm
Connection: M16x1.5-HP-Female