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Resato’s computer controlled modular hose test unit series

The modular hose test unit series are designed for pressure testing different hose-sizes. For efficiency increasing, multiple test cabinets can be connected. These test cabinets are used in combination with the Resato computer controlled high pressure series. These hose test series are available in three different pressure ranges. 

Key Features

  • Pressure ranges: 2000, 4000 or 6000 bar
  • Available with two different types of test cabinets
  • Multiple combinations of test cabinets are possible
  • Automatically generated test certificates
  • Safe, accurate and quick testing of hoses
  • Integrated TCPIP connection offers full remote assistance from our home office, if required
  • Build in tank with filtration unit
  • Stainless steel test compartment


The computer controlled hose test units are designed to perform fully automated pressure tests. The automated test includes the following steps:

1. Prefilling and de-airing
2. Pressure build-up, stabilize and isolate the pressure
3. Pressure bleed and emptying

The computer controlled hose test series is available in the following ranges:

  • 2000 series - 65-2000 bar (943-29,000 psi)
  • 4000 series - 180-4000 bar (2,610-58,000 psi)
  • 6000 series - 180-6000 bar (2,610-87,000 psi) (Dual line)


The Resato hose test units are manufactured according to European regulations and will be delivered including:

  • Operating manual
  • Maintenance manual and spare parts manual
  • Test certificate
  • Calibration certificates


The Resato modular computer controlled hose test series offers the following standard safety provisions:

  • Automatic mechanical cover lock
  • Pressure build up is only possible with closed cover
  • The test unit cover is provided with a 12mm impact resistant polycarbonate window
  • Safety light that indicates the progress of the pressure test
  • Low noise level