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Resato ultra high pressure (burst) test system up to 10.000 bar

The design, the outcome of a partnership between world’s leading UHP hose manufactures and Resato, provides a reliable solution to
perform burst testing up to 10.000 bar. Solution specific designed ultra high pressure components ensure low running costs, easy
operation and simple maintenance. The multiple pressure generating systems delivers a accurate pressure range starting from: 10 bar up to 10.000 bar. The test chamber with integrated burst box ensures safe burst testing of hoses up to 10.000 bar. A bullet proof burst box window allows read-out of length change of the object whilst on pressure.

Key Features

Pressure: 16 - 10.000 bar (250 – 140.000 psi)
HMI: Touch screen operation
Operation: Fully automated system to minimise operator error
Medium: HP fluid
Objects: Hoses (or to be discussed)
Measurement: Multiple pressure transmitters
Data registration: Test certificate to .pdf / Data export to .xls
Power: 400 VAC/50-60Hz & 100 psi air


The Resato modular computer controlled hose test series offers the following standard safety provisions:

  • Automatic mechanical cover lock
  • Pressure build up is only possible with closed cover
  • The test unit cover is provided with a 12mm impact resistant polycarbonate window
  • The burst test chamber is provided with bullet proof glass
  • Safety light that indicates the progress of the pressure test
  • Low noise level


  • The unit will be manufactured and marked with CE mark according to the European regulations and standards
  • The unit will be delivered with clear manual including operating and maintenance instructions in English complete with detailed part list catalogue


Available (remote) assistance services:

  • Direct service telephone number
  • Direct service email address
  • Integrated TCPIP connection for what means that we can give you full service support from our home office if required.
  • Wiki based service website
  • Maintenance / calibration / inspection contracts