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Resato’s thick walled high pressure system (type HPU) with modular designed test box allows safe pressure testing of long objects in a workshop

With the modular designed test box, a diversity of objects can be safely loaded with an overhead crane and safely pressurized, tested and monitored with minimal loss of valuable workshop space. The simplicity of a hydraulic controlled lid with door locks and a door switch safety system, combined with all high pressure components integrated in thick walled plated steel, ensures a safe test environment for the operator at site. By use of a dual pump setup and multiple pressure transmitters, the system can generate test certificates in PDF format for different test ranges.

Key Features

  • Modular test box design
  • Dual hydrostatic test line
  • Designed for workshop use
  • Manual controlled
  • Data acquisition system
  • Safely loading with overhead crane

Key Specifications

  • HPU cabinet 6 mm steel plated
  • Dual layer of 2x10 mm test box side walls
  • Front and back side 70 mm solid steel
  • Manually operated 20 mm lid
  • Hydraulic cylinders for easy lid-opening and closing
  • Sump pit with pump for re-use of test fluid