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Wherever high-pressure testing is required, a Resato workshop test unit with build in test bay, type DHT will provide it

The complete shell is made of 6 mm powder coated mild steel to ensure safety. A bullet proof safety glass window enables full view on the test object whilst pressure testing. A de-airing system ensures that it is only necessary to open the test bay for positioning and removal of the tool.
By use of a dual pump setup and multiple pressure transmitters, the unit can generate test certificates in PDF format for the test range: 900 psi up to 17,500 psi.

Key Features

  • Ergonomic, safe and user-friendly design
  • Both high pressure unit and test cabinet are made of 6 mm power coated mild steel
  • Test bay provided with bullet proof safety glass
  • Door switches and locks on the test bay door ensures safe pressure testing
  • Remote de-airing
  • A unit mounted safety light indicates pressure build up
  • Dual pump setup to ensure pressure setting from 300 psi up to 17,800 psi
  • Provided with multiple pressure transmitters to meet pressure registration according to guidelines within range 900 – 17,500 psi
  • Measuring accuracy: 0,5% FS
  • Panel mounted digital read-outs ensures accurate reading
  • Test certificates are easily created by use of build in data acquisition system
  • Air operated valves enables smooth operation and ensures long durability
  • By use of a build in tank, different tests media can be used
  • A clamping mechanism ensures easy mounting of the tool
  • All pressure containing parts made of non-corrosive materials
  • Easy and low-cost maintenance
  • Proven reliability
  • Low noise level

Tool (Objects)

With the standard mounting brackets, tools can be easily positioned in a vertical position by use of clamps. The vertical movable high pressure
connection is then easily connected to the lower side of the tool, followed by the upper connection.

Tool Diameter (standard bracket): ø 44 – ø 80 [mm]
Test object diameter (maximum): ø 180 [mm]
Tool length (maximum): 1150 [mm]


Resato manual-controlled workshop units are manufactured according to European regulations and will be delivered including:

  • Operating manual, maintenance manual and spare parts manual
  • Test certificate
  • Calibration certificates for transmitters

Unit Options

  • Tool/object mounting brackets
  • Controlled bleed function
  • Interchangeable calibration solution
  • Alternative pressure ranges
  • Others on request