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The 3007 are a series of electromagnetic transmitters that can be used for pig tracking and locating functions, intended for use in pipeline diameters above 16”

The transmitters operate effectively in every type of pipeline, i.e. top-side, buried, gas or liquid and in pipeline bundles
where acoustic transmitters are either less effective or ineffective. The transmission pulse rate can be switched between two pre-configured settings to extend the battery life of the unit. Please contact OEL to discuss the most effective pulse rate configurations. The standard transmission frequency is 22Hz. Once the approximate location of the transmitter has been established using an EM receiver system with the antenna held parallel to the pipeline/transmitter, the exact location of can be determined to within a few cm by orientating the antenna perpendicular to the pipe and detecting the inherent EM null spot of the transmitter.

The 3007 is available with a number of different options to suit project specific requirements.
1. Pressure Switch – This activates the unit when the external pressure exceeds a specified pressure level, thus allowing the transmitter to conserve its battery life when it is installed in a pig for an extended time prior to launch.
2. Dual Rate – This allows the transmitter to be interfaced with an external piece of equipment, which will the determine the pulse rate of the transmitter. E.g. The transmitter can be interfaced with an OEL Smart Gauge Plate and the pulse rate will change to a faster rate if the gauge plate detects damage to the pipeline.
3. Delay Activation - The 3007 has a configurable time delay which commences when the unit is switched on, after the time delay has expired the unit will activate.
4. Light Weight - , a lighter weight, smaller diameter version is available that allows for installation in smaller pigs (>12") with the same power output making it suitable for smaller pipelines with a heavy wall thickness
5. High Pressure – Rated to 300 bar, to allow use in high pressure applications