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The 800 Series pingers are high specification pingers used for pig tracking and other subsea marking and location functions

A 800 Series pinger may be fitted to a pig for use in offshore, fluid filled pipelines. The standard 800 Series model can produce up to 20W of acoustic power and has a single operating frequency in the range of 24-30 kHz. Low frequency and high frequency options are available with frequencies in the range of 9-18 kHz and 30-40 kHz respectively (configured at time of manufacture.) 800 Series Pingers may be fitted with an MCIL6F connector that allows them to be interfaced with external equipment for use as long range, robust, low data rate modems for remote monitoring applications. The exact location of an 800 can be determined using a directional receiver such as the diver operated OEL PR1, 2405 or ROV mounted OEL 2001RS/2402RS/2401 system.

Key Benefits

  • Can be loaded many months in advance and will only be activated by conducting fluid e.g salt water or MEG, when line is flooded.
  • Highly configurable - performance and functionality can be tailored to meet specific customer requirements e.g for differentiation between two pingers operating in close proximity.
  • Battery life can be conserved with Delay Start or Pressure Switch options.
  • Dual rate option allows pinger to be configured with an external piece of equipment such as OEL Gauge Plate to confirm integrity of a subsea pipeline or as an alarm on an ROV.
  • Part of the GRID™ system which transmits the time of an event as a series of acoustic pulses. This allows the location where the event occurred to be determined by reference to pumped volume data without having to recover the pinger first.


Battery Capacity: 24V DC, 16x Alkaline AA cells
Battery Life at +5°C:
30 Days*
Acoustic Output Power:
20W ±3dB*
Operating Temperature Range:
-2°C to +54°C (+28°F to +129°F)
External Pressure Rating:
4,500m(14,764ft)/450bar (6526 Psi)
350mm (13.8”)
73mm (2.9”)
Weight in Air:
4.1kg (9lbs)
Housing Material:
2205 Duplex Stainless Steel
Endcap Material:
316 Stainless Steel
Transducer Material:

*Alternative Configurations:
The battery life of an 800 Series Pinger is dependent on the operating temperature, acoustic power, ping rate and pulse length. The acoustic power, pulse length and ping rate can be configured by OEL at the time of manufacture to match the customer’s desired performance and battery life. Please contact OEL to discuss specific project requirements.