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Online Electronics’ AUDIOSCOPE sof tware plots the amplitude of audio signals against time, allowing visual monitoring and interpretation of the audio signals generated by Acoustic or EM receivers connected to the Line In or Microphone input of a laptop or PC

This can expedite the process of pig locating, resulting in savings in time and therefore costs. AUDIOSCOPE is also particularly useful when the signal being received consists of an amplitude modulated coded transmission.

The AUDIOSCOPE software has several intuitive and useful features such as:

  • Live, 15 second buffered display, allowing visual interpretation of received audio signals.
  • Slide bar Y-Scale adjustment.
  • Instantaneous Pause/Play function allowing the received signal to be paused at any point for interpretation.
  • Instantaneous Screen Snapshot function including time stamp providing a traceable history and proof of received signals.
  • Automatic decoding function for reception of data f rom standard OEL acoustic data transmitters.
  • Decode Log provides a record of decoded data transmissions, including the time and date that they were received.
  • The Drift Compensation Calculator function was designed to be used in conjunction with GRID® Pingers to negate the effect of any clock drift that may have occurred between the Pinger’s time of activation and the time of a gauge plate event