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The EMTx30 transmitter is an ATEX rated electromagnetic transmitter that can be used for pig tracking and locating functions, intended for use in pipeline diameters of around 8”

The transmitters operate effectively in every type of pipeline, i.e. top-side, buried, gas or liquid and in pipeline bundles where acoustic transmitters are either less effective or ineffective. The standard transmission frequency is 22Hz. Once the approximate location of the transmitter has been established using an EM receiver with the antenna held parallel to the pipeline/transmitter, the exact location can be determined to within a few cm by orientating the antenna perpendicular to the pipe and detecting the inherent EM null spot of the transmitter.
The EMTx30 has been designed to be fully compliant with ATEX Zone 1 operation. 

Key Benefits

  • Exact location of the transmitter can be determined to within a few cm by detecting the inherent EM null spot of the transmitter.
  • Battery life can be conserved with Pressure Switch or Magnetic Activation Endcaps
  • Bluetooth connection and Online Configuration App allows transmitter parameters such as pulse rate, pulse width and power output to be modified by the user providing flexibility to manage signal strength and battery requirements
  • Dual rate endcap allows unit to be interfaced with an external piece of equipment such as an OEL Smart Gauge Plate to confirm the integrity of a pipeline
  • The EMTx30 can be installed inside smaller lines than would traditionally be the case when pig discs are fitted directly to the transmitter, dramatically increasing the received EM signal as it no longer needs to propagate through the carbon steel pig body
    in addition to the pipeline


Standard Battery Type Duracell: ID1400 Alkaline C Cells
Battery life at +20°C in air: 
Up to 64 days dependent on battery type and pulse rate
Standard Frequency (adjustable):
Temperature Range:
-20°C to +51°C (-4°F to 124°F)
Max Operating Pressure (Stainless Steel):
300bar/4,531 Psi
Max Operating Pressure (Titanium):
500bar/7,252 Psi
174mm (6.9”)
50mm (2”)
1.3kg (2.9lbs)
Housing Material:
Grade 5 Titanium or 316L Stainless Steel
Endcap Material:
2205 Duplex Stainless Steel
Standard signal at 1m with OEL reference antenna at + 20°C in air: