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Online Electronics’ versatile modular ROV pinger receiver system is a pipeline pig monitoring system used for tracking and locating underwater acoustic pingers

The system comprises - 2001RS Topside Receiver, 2401 Subsea ROV directional Hydrophone & 2402RS Subsea Interface. The 2401 can be mounted on the skid or held in the manipulator of the ROV with the 2402RS mounted on the skid.

Key Benefits

  • Capable of detecting acoustic transmissions over distances of several kilometres
  • Directional hydrophone provides increased precision
  • The received signal can be relayed back to the surface via RS232 allowing it to be interpreted topside
  • Parameters such as sensitivity and frequency can be manipulated topside, giving the operator full control
  • Minimal set up required ensuring time is not lost setting up multiple parameters

Specifications: 2001 Pinger Receiver

Frequency Range: 8kHz to 50kHz
-6dB Bandwidth: 1kHz
Battery life at +5°C: 150 hours continuous
Battery Type: 12 VDC (8x Alkaline D Cells)
Operating Temperature Range: -2°C to +50°C (+28°F to +122°F)
Height: 178mm (7”)
Width: 268mm (19.5”)
Depth: 241mm (9.5”)
Weight: 4.4kg (9.76lbs)

Specifications: 2401 ROV Hydrophone 

Operating Depth: 3000m (9842ft)
Operating Temperature Range: -2°C to +50°C (+28°F to +122°F)
Height: 78mm (3”)
Width: 148mm (5.8”)
Depth: 86mm (3.4”)
Weight: (in water) 1kg (2.2lbs)

Specifications: 2402 Acoustic Pod

Operating Depth: 3000m (9842ft)
Operating Temperature Range:
-2°C to +50°C (+28°F to +122°F)
300mm (11.8”)
155mm (6.1”)
Weight (in water):
1.1kg (2.4lbs)