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The Online ID5001 (Passive) is a fully ATEX certified, non-intrusive pig signaller which detects, signals, and logs the passage of pigs at critical points along a fluid filled pipeline both on land and offshore

The ID5000A can also be used to confirm the location of pigs in the receiver, as an interface detector and to monitor wax build-up. The ID5000A uses the pulse-echo method to detect the time of flight of ultrasonic pulses through the pipe. An ultrasonic pulse is sent through the pipe wall and provided that an acoustically transparent column of fluid is within the pipe (single phase, no gas bubbles, no large solid particles), the unit is able to see a reflection of the pulse from the other side of the pipe. When a pig passes the fluid path is disturbed interrupting the reflection of the pulses transmitted. This interruption is processed and the pig passage is signalled. Events are signalled as they occur via a graphical display and high brightness LEDs positioned around the perimeter of the display. The unit logs the time and date of up to 100 events. Logged events can be viewed locally on the display or transmitted remotely over several optional interfaces. The user can turn the unit ON and OFF as well as modify several settings using the single control button and intuitive menu system. 

Key Benefits

  • Use of the ID5000A can result in time and therefore cost savings during pigging operations
  • Removes any uncertainty over confirmation of pig passage
  • Location function allows for confirmation that pig has passed isolation valves
  • Suitable for all pig types - no transmitters or magnets are required to confirm passage or location in the receiver.
  • Quick and easy installation using ratchet straps or steel banding
  • Minimal set up required ensuring time is not lost setting up multiple parameters
  • Unit can be installed close to pig receiver door, allowing for easy pig recovery
  • Main housing can be mounted remotely for use on buried pipelines or where access if limited


Battery Type: 15V Alkaline Non-Rechargeable Battery Pack
Battery Life (Alkaline Non-Rechargeable):
120 days (LISTENING at +20°)
Rechargeable Battery Type:
12V NiMH Rechargeable Battery Pack
Battery Life (NiMh Rechargeable):
12 days (LISTENING/LOW POWER MODE at +20°)
External Supply:
21.6V DC to 26.4V DC
Housing Temperature Range (External Supply):
-20°C to +85°C (-4°F to +185°F)
Housing Temperature Range (Alkaline):
-20°C to +54°C (-4°F to +129°F)
Housing Temperature Range (NiMh Rechargeable):
-20°C to +65°C (-4°F to +149°F)
Maximum Pipeline Surface Temperature:
+ 85°C (+185°F)
Ingress Protection:
ATEX Code: II 2 G Ex d mb IIC T5…T6
EC Type Examination Cert No.:
Transducer Material:
316L Stainless Steel
Weight in Aluminium Alloy:
LM25 10.5kg (23.1lbs)
Weight in 316L Stainless Steel:
14kg (30.9lbs)
Main Housing Length (including mounting plate):
240mm (9.4”)
Main Housing Height (including mounting plate):
260mm (10.2”)
Cable Length:
10m (32ft)
Transducer Length:
Transducer Height:
112mm (4.4)


SPDT Relay Outputs (Volt Free Contacts): 2A @ 30VDC / 0.5A @ 125VAC
Current Loop Output:
5.0mA ±1.0mA (LISTENING) / 19.0mA ±1.0mA (DETECTION)