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Online’s GRID® Systems consist of an acoustic GRID® Pinger connected to a 7001 Break Wire Gauge Plate (BWGP) and/or a 7000 Auto Resetting Gauging Fingers Ring (ARGF)

When fitted to a pig and run through a pipeline, the system detects the presence and location of multiple* defects along the pipeline and transmits the information in the form of coded acoustic pulses at ranges of up to 1km subsea. The transmissions can be monitored using an acoustic receiver and the data decoded using OEL’s dedicated AUDIOSCOPE software. The system can be manufactured to meet specific project specifications and supplied with either a 600, 800 or 1200 sized GRID® Pinger. These are based on OEL’s proven 600, 800 and 1200 Series acoustic pinger designs. The system is typically suitable for pipelines of 6” and upwards when using a 7001 BWGP and 10” and upwards when using a 7000 ARGF.

Key Benefits

  • The operator does not need to recover the pig to visually confirm integrity of the gauge plate, or run an intelligent pig, which results in a significant time and cost saving, particularly if receiving the pig subsea
  • Events can be logged by the GRID® Pinger and downloaded to a laptop to present to the client once the pig has been recovered. This provides additional confirmation of the results of the pig run
  • Ping rates, acoustic power and pulse lengths can be altered to extend battery life allowing for specific project requirements to be met

* A 7000 ARGF ring must be fitted in order to detect multiple events