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The Pathfinder was specifically designed for initial pipeline proving in lines with no pigging history and/or potential reductions in bore due to debris build up where an operator plans to initiate a pipeline pigging or ILI campaign

The Pathfinder is currently available from 4” up to 28” nominal size with ATEX certification available for 6” to 18”. With a maximum operating temperature of 70°C and a standard pressure of 200bar, it can be used in a wide range of applications and demanding environments. 

Typical Applications for Pathfinder Include

  • Pipeline proving
  • Measuring pipeline geometry and internal bore
  • Detecting and measuring ovality, dents, restrictions, reductions, debris, deport build-up and other anomalies
  • Debris mapping
  • Assessment for pipeline cleaning as part of an operator’s flow assurance management strategy

Key Benefits

  • Low risk, cost effective solution
  • Established track record
  • Easy to handle and use - specialised technicians not required infield
  • Fast track data analysis and reporting to support infield operations
  • Allows informed decisions to be made on the appropriate type and configurations of pigs to be deployed to clear or inspect the line

General Data

Size Range: Pipe diameters from 4” to 28”
Foam Carrier: Pig Medium density polyurethane foam
Bore Passing: Full circumferential bore restrictions up to 50% depending on nominal size
Bend Passing: Minimum bend radius of less than 1D
Operating Pressure: 200 bar
Operating Temperature: 0°C to 70°C
Run Time: 60 hours (single pack) 120 hours (dual pack)