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IK’s In-line Abandonment Plugs are recommended for DBB weld isolation applications

In-line Abandonment Plugs are often requested when modifications are required on discontinued lines. The tool provides a double block & bleed barrier with a by-pass facility to ensure for safe operations. The In-line abandonment plug allows for a safe isolation barrier during pre/post heating and welding when modifications are required on open hydrocarbon process lines, predominantly used in conjunction with end-capping operations.

Pipe Schedule:  VARIOUS
Size Range:  ½” through 24” (Larger sizes on request)

General Function & Application

  • Available for horizontal and vertical applications
  • High temperature seals/materials are used as to the nature of the operation or as requested
  • Vice-jaws may be included into the design for higher pressures
  • Standard verification test pressure of up to 230 bar (depending on size) with higher test pressures available on request
  • Manually energised, mechanically
  • Larger by-pass facility available on request
  • Instructions and hydrostatic test certificates supplied