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Isolate, monitor upstream pressure, and test flange weld connections with just one tool!

Save on time consuming conventional practice of filling and draining entire lines to test flange-to-pipe weld connections!  IK’s Raptor Plug™ allows you to isolate and monitor potentially explosive vapours during hot work, then hydrotest the new weld connections with the same tool. Integrating the functionality of a conventional Double Block and Bleed Plug with vice jaws, Raptor Plugs provide increased operational safety by minimizing the risk of accidental blowouts/expulsions due to unexpected upstream pressure. IK’s Raptor Plugs dual port design creates a positive pressure barrier between the seals - safely isolating hot work from any residual upstream gases. Perform flange weld testing with an Isolation Plug that protects both equipment and personnel.

Pipe Schedule: Various
Size Range: 1” to 4” NPS (DN50 to DN100) (Larger sizes on request)

 General Function and Application

  • Monitor potentially explosive vapours during hot work via a bypass port
  • Single test port system allows water/media to be filled between seals, providing seal verification during weld procedures
  • Gripper technology minimizes risk of accidental blowout/expulsion
  • Creates a positive pressure barrier between seals
  • Steel construction and Copper welding sleeve for anti-stick protection during welding
  • Perform flange weld testing with less water – reducing fill times, and waste/treatment expenses
  • ASME PCC-2 Type IV Testing Device*

Test Pressure

  • 3335 Psi.g (230 Bar.g /ANSI 900 ) between the seals
  • Upstream pressures: up to 2175 Psi.g (150 Bar.g/ANSI 600)

  -higher pressures available upon request