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IK's ROV operated Hydraulic Cable Cutter (HCC) is an easy tool to install and operate by ROV

It works like a scissor, with two blades with guides for extra strength and durability. The unit is supplied complete with hoses and manipulator handle ready for installation to the host ROV.

Technical Specifications

Tool Dimensions (LxWxH): 692 x 361 x 312 mm   27,2x14,2x12,3 in
Max cutting opening: 134 mm   5,3 in
Maximum Working Pressure: 500/50 (bar/Mpa)   7252 psi
Maximum Cutting Force: 242/24,7 (kN/t)   54404 lbf
Required Oil Content (effective): 84 cc   2,8 oz
Temperature Range: -20 to +80 °C   -4 +176 °F
Pressure Open Connection: Faster PVVM 1/14-NPT-F
Pressure Close Connection: Faster PVVM 1/14-NPT-F
Tool dry weight: 28,5 Kg   62,8 lb
Blade Type: 10 Cable
Tool operation: Hydraulic
Model: ICU20S10V – Blade Cable