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IK-Group's Anode Bank

IK designs custom anode banks which in connection with IK Anode Clamp create a complete set for subsea anodic protection retrofit. Extend the lifetime of your assets by using our Anode Clamp-Bank sets. Our Anode Banks are custom made to optimize the size and to suit optimally to the existing subsea structures.

Product Description

  • Retrofit anodes for subsea applications.
  • Anodes for replacing existing anodes or for extending subsea structures / pipelines lifetime
  • Robust and reliable retrofit connection onto structure to be protected
  • Installation by ROV or diver with surface crane assistance
  • Corrosion lifetime analysis can be a part of the delivery

Key Benefits

  • Simple installation
  • Optimized size and design to suit optimally to the existing subsea structures.
  • High conductivity retrofit connector
  • Both diver and ROV installable


The banks are delivered to meet the specified requirements:

  • Custom design related to size and capacity
  • Type of anodes settled for the actual function
  • Lifetime according to functional requirements