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IK-Group's Anode Clamp

Perfectly suited for retrofitted installation of the anodes in subsea environment. IK Anode Clamp design is based on a "spring" concept where the clamp itself acts as a large leaf spring element. This is to ensure the clamps ability to maintain contact if pipe is moving over time due to temperature variations and/or erosion of pipeline coating.

Product Description

  • For installation of the anodes in subsea environment.​
  • Can be delivered with integrated anodes or work as the cable connection from an external retrofit anode bank
  • ​Design is based on a "spring" concept where the clamp itself acts as the spring for the firm connection
  • Self-penetrating conductor for obtaining the required electrical conductance
  • ​Adaptable to pipelines, beams or various subsea structures.​
  • ​Installation method by ROV or diver

Key Benefits

  • Simple installation / self-penetrating electrical connection
  • Optimized size and design to suit the existing subsea structures.
  • Large spring element secures long term reliable conductivity
  • High conductivity ​
  • Both diver and ROV installable


Anode Clamp is delivered to meet the specified requirements:

  • Custom design related to size and capacity
  • Type of anodes settled for the actual function
  • Lifetime according to functional requirements