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IK-Group's Coating Removal Tool & Milling Tools

Tools for grinding and milling, in subsea environment. Removal of coating, removal of concrete layer or milling of steel cracks is one of the typical applications for our tools.

Product Description

  • Milling tool for pipeline coating removal (3LPP, 5LPP, etc)
  • Milling off weld seems / steel protrusions
  • Cutting and bevelling of pipe
  • Polishing of pipe surface
  • ROV or diver operated

Key Benefits

  • Light weight
  • Small envelope
  • Multitool allow for cutting and bevelling
  • Allow for 100% coating removal towards flanges / hubs etc


  • Pipe dimensions: Upon client specification ​
  • Powering and control: Hydraulic / mechanical.
  • Tools can also be delivered with topside control unit​