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IK-Group are proud to present a state of the art product that pushes the limits of engineering yet meets the requirements set by governing standards and rules

This EPRS covers 16", 18" and 24" pipeline sizes and it guarantees to secure the sealing and structural integrity of mentioned pipelines, in case of emergency. The EPRS is modular in it's design, where sealing clamp and structural clamp are separate in case the damaged pipeline does not require structural repair. It comes with a dedicated installation/deployment tool which can handle all sizes in both horizontal and vertical orientation. It has been designed to withstand the wave loads in the splash zone and comes with a 20 year lifetime expectancy for both fatigue and corrosion.

Governing Standards & Rules:

  • DNVGL-RP-F113
  • DNVGL-ST-F101
  • DNVGL-RP-0034 (Forgings)


  • Compatible with 16", 18" and 24" pipelines
  • Maximum operating pressure 431bar
  • Applicable for both gas and liquid pipelines
  • Double barrier with test port
  • Design Water Depth - 3,000m
  • Lifetime - 20 yrs
  • Dedicated All-Remote Installation and Deployment Tool
  • ROV and Diver compatible