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IK-Group's Flange Sealing Clamp

Flange Sealing Clamp is designed to seal off flange leakages. Dependent on the pressure, clamp can either be delivered as self-sealing unit or equipped with sealant injection system. Sealing is obtained by a compressed rubber seals, enveloping leaking flange surface and (if such option is needed) by injection of sealant.  Proposed sealant is designed to react based on simple fluid dynamics and after the injection it changes its state from liquid to solid, providing required sealing capability.

Product Description

  • Clamp for sealing of leaking flange connections
  • Delivered as self-sealing unit or equipped with sealant injection system.​
  • Equipped with integrated torque units (removable) and all clamp functions (open/close/set/unset) are operated hydraulically through male-female hot stab-receptacle ports.

Key Benefits

  • ROV friendly and simple installation
  • Facilitate double barrier for sealing confirmation
  • Fully reversible for later modifications


  • Size range: Any size, typically 4-24in.​
  • Installation method: ROV or diver​
  • Can be used on all bolted flanges, API, ANSI, etc.