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IK-Group's Light ROV Workover Control System

The ROV Workover Skid has been developed to simplify well access, well intervention and work over operations from any vessel.

  • Lightweight frame with buoyancy and WROV Interface
  • Control System powered by the WROV 24VDC
  • Communications through WROV RS485
  • Compensator with dedicated hydraulic fluid (Teansaqua)
  • Easily adapted to add custom features
  • Maintenance friendly

General Technical Specifications

  • Weight (air/water): 650/20kg
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 2700x1500x610mm
  • WLL: 1700kg
  • ROV Interface: Multiple pin configurations
  • Depth Rating: 3000MSW

Electrical Data

  • Electrical Input: 24VDC/10A
  • COMS: RS 485

Hydraulic Data

  • Supply Pressure (from ROV): 210 bar
  • Supply Flow (from ROV): 90 l/min
  • Output pressure (LP): 210 bar
  • Output pressure (HP): 420 bar
  • Output Flow (LP): 60 l/min
  • Output Flow (HP): 30 l/min
  • Reservoir volume: 16 L
  • Hydraulic Interface: 2 x 4 port Ø35mm receptacles