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IK-Group's Scissor Clamp

Scissor Clamp is designed to seal off damaged sections of the subsea pipelines. IK Scissor Clamp is suited to secure and to seal off many pipeline defects i.e. pin holes, cracks, weld defects, reinstating its original pressure hold properties.

Product Description

  • Scissor Clamp for sealing of damaged sections of the subsea pipelines.​
  • ​Special for local damages as pin holes
  • ​Sealing is obtained by a compressed rubber seal, patching the defect of the pipeline and applying pressure locally, directly onto the defect
  • All clamp functions are operated hydraulically and suitable for ROV or diver installation.​
  • Integrated torque unit (removable), all clamp functions (open/close/set/unset) operated hydraulically through male-female hot stab-receptacle ports

Key Benefits

  • Light weight, can be delivered in Aluminium
  • ​Well suited as an emergency aid
  • Robust and inexpensive


  • Size range: Any size.
  • Pressure rating: Up to 600bar
  • Installation method: ROV or diver
  • Coating acc. to Norsok M-501 (optional)