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IK-Group's Subsea Caps

IK Sealing Caps are the external compression caps, with sealing provided by compressed rubber seals. Caps are used to seal on the outside of the risers, umbilicals or cut pipelines, providing 100% sealing of the lines.

Product Description

  • Capping of pipelines, flowlines, flanges, hubs and risers
  • Mechanical or hydraulic setting
  • Sealing by compression packers or O-rings
  • Delivery in plastic, steel, aluminium
  • For permanent or temporary sealing

Key Benefits​

  • Standard low pressure and bespoken special design
  • Light weight by use of plastic
  • ROV and diver friendly operation
  • Simple installation / uninstallation


  • Temporary or permanent plugging of the pipe ends
  • Single or dual sealing barrier with test port
  • Optional flushing port
  • Pipe dimensions: ½” – 36”​
  • Design pressure: 0 – 300 bar
  • Water depth: No limitations