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IK-Group's Subsea Plug Recovery Tool

Product Description

  • Combined lifting and plugging tool for pipelines, risers and flowlines
  • hydraulic setting
  • ​​Completely remotely operated and activated
  • Physical connection to product with teethed slips or wedged friction pads

Key Benefits

  • Can be delivered with flushing features
  • Can be used for pressure testing
  • Can be used for dewatering of pipelines
  • Failsafe function
  • ROV and diver friendly operation
  • Simple installation / uninstallation


  • Temporary plugging of the pipe ends
  • Single or dual sealing barrier with test port
  • Pipe dimensions:4” – 36”​
  • Test pressure: 0 – 600 bar​
  • Loads 0 - 1000Te
  • Water depth: No limitations