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The CU100 calibration unit is designed for fully automated calibration of pressure gauges, pressure transmitters and recorders

The CU100 calibration unit is designed for calibrating pressure gauges, pressure transmitters and recorders fully automatically according to the international standard EN 17025. The software application will guide the user through the calibration setup. The pressure is generated automatically by a servo driven spindle pump. Calibration of test objects, such as mechanical pressure gauges, requires human interaction to be read out and enter the reading in the system. Once a device is set-up, it can be stored in the database and later be retrieved.

Key Features

  • Calibration range: 40 - 10.000 bar
  • Accuracy of object to be calibrated: � 0,5% FS
  • Automatic calibration according to ISO/IEC 17025
  • Multiple integrated and automatic selected pressure transmitters for quick calibration
  • Electronic pressure control by use of a laptop
  • Safe operation as measuring devices are positioned within a polycarbonate protective cover
  • Automatic generation of calibration certificates
  • Data storage
  • Easily transported


Multiple reference transmitters are installed in the machine, the programme will automatically set-up the reference pressure transmitter that matches the chosen pressure range. The measurement results are recorded in an electronic calibration report, which can be saved for recording the history of the test object.


The automatic calibration process has several advantages. Software configurations for your calibration process can be saved and shared. Therefore the process can be reliably duplicated by multiple operators on different locations and/or over time. The quality of the calibration process is improved by eliminating operator errors and applying standardized methods.


  • The Resato CU100 calibration unit is manufactured according to European regulations and will be delivered including:
  • Operating manual, maintenance manual and spare parts manual
  • Test certificate
  • Calibration certificates for transmitters