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The 6000 Temperature and Pressure Subsea Logger is a compact, self-contained, subsea unit which logs and displays readings from internal digital pressure and temperature sensors to ensure acceptable hydro-test results have been achieved

Key Benefits

  • Enables ROV, vessel or diver to perform associated tasks in parallel resulting in accelerated completion of work and potential cost savings and project flexibility
  • Can be interfaced with an acoustic pinger, data transducer or strobe enabling remote monitoring or indication when a particular pressure, temperature or time threshold is reached
  • Unit and interface components can be mounted in an easy to deploy cradle
  • A successful test can be confirmed without needing to recover the unit for download of data
  • Compact, self-contained unit with minimal connections and cabling resulting in easy installation and reduced risk to the operation.
  • Capable of displaying and logging 2x pressure and temperature for approximately 100 days, complete with time and date
  • All functions can be carried out using a single control button and intuitive menu system


Battery Type: 12V Alkaline pack
Battery Life at 5°C:
105 days
Operating Temperature Range:
-5°C to +65°C (+23°F to +149°F)
Operating Depth:
3,000m (9842ft)
Standard Pressure Range:
0-700 barg (please contact OEL to discuss options)
Standard Pressure Sensor Accuracy:
±0.05% FS (0.001 bar resolution)
Pressure Connection:
¼” BSPP M/M ADAPTOR or Customer specified
Temperature Sensor Accuracy:
±0.5°C (0.01°C resolution)
Weight in air (including delrin mount):
14.1kg (31lbs)
Weight in water (including delrin mount):
9.1kg (20lbs)
Width (including Burton blanking plug):
235mm (9.3”)
160mm (6.3”)
275mm (10.8”)


Housing Material: ALLOY BRONZE CA104 EN 12163
Window Material:


External Power: +15V to +28V
Data Communication:
Remote Communication:
Acoustic Data Transducer
Various regimes available