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IK’s Valkyrie PurgeShield System™ is a specialized Back-gas purging system for welding operations

It has been custom designed to allow removal through confined outlets, without requirement for flushing of the pipe/pipelines after welding compared with traditional methods. The system offers optimal gas purge and results in a high-quality weld.

Pipe Schedule: Various
Size Range:  18” through 24” (Larger sizes on request)

General Function & Application

  • Ideal product range: 18 - 24 inch
  • Material type: Plastic foil
  • Control unit with integrated flowmeter to control the   injection of gas on the different stages of the welding operation
  • Efficient evacuation of Oxygen after grinding operation
  • Similar installation and usage qualities to standard “Rice Paper or Purge film” but can be removed from the pipe manually through a 1” Threadolet in comparison to standard methods e.g. by water flushing
  • Removal without contamination of materials or residues
  • Incorporated safety line feature