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IK-Group's Compact Sealing Clamp

Flag IK product, Compact Sealing Clamp is designed to seal off damaged sections of the subsea pipelines. IK Compact Sealing Clamp is suited to secure and to seal off many pipeline defects i.e. pin holes, cracks, weld defects, reinstating its original pressure hold properties. Sealing is obtained by a compressed rubber seal, enveloping the entire weld and adjacent pipe or flange surface.

Product Description

  • Clamp for sealing of flow lines and pipelines.
  • The sealing is obtained by a 360 degrees compression packer enveloping the entire damage location.
  • ​Remotely installed, all clamp installation functions are operated hydraulically through male-female hot stab-receptacle ports.
  • For long term permanent operation (25 years) or as temporary remedial function

Key Benefits

  • Simple and rapid installation by ROV
  • Reliable and robust design and function (no failure experienced after 10 years of operation)
  • Well suited for installation in narrow and limited spaces. Typically, inside subsea manifolds…etc
  • Very well suited for correction of pipeline cracks and pittings


  • Clamps designed acc. to DNVGL-RP-F113
  • Size range: 4in to 32in.​
  • Pressure rating: up to 600bar.​
  • Installation method: ROV or diver​